• Mike Rinder
    A Calloused Soul


    I saw on the web that many people are relating experiences and events that have the common tenor: that Mike Rinder is a self-centered bastard with a heart of stone and calloused soul. Well, I can't help but weigh in with my own. They support these reports.

    One thing in particular has always struck me—that Mike Rinder didn't seem to have much, if any, love lost for his wife and kids. I know his wife, and know her to be a very nice and caring person. It makes my blood boil to think about the emotional cruelty with which he treated her. I also knew his kids; both were cute, cheerful and full of life and love for other people. Both his son and daughter were at a boarding school. You would have thought that Rinder would make every effort to see them, even if only on weekends (it being a boarding school). I knew quite a number of people at the time who had their kids at the same school. They would always make sure to have quality time with the kids and do things as a family. Not so Rinder. When other fathers or mothers would drive to the school in the morning to pick up their kids, Rinder would remain asleep. It was not often that he broke this routine.

       It makes my blood boil to think about the emotional cruelty with which he
    treated his wife.

    So why was his snooze button set to "permanent?" Because he would stay up until 3 or 4 the night before. And what was so important that he couldn't see his wife and children? Nothing really, but Rinder chose instead to watch something on TV or take in a movie, or sometimes he would go to eat at an all-night diner. In other words, he chose various forms of personal entertainment over his wife and children. I remember this so clearly, because several times he tried to get me to come along. I declined every time.

    It came as no surprise when I heard that his wife divorced him eventually.

    F.C., a former colleague who chooses to remain anonymous.