• Never There
    by Taryn (Rinder) Teutsch

    Taryn Teutsch
    Cathy and Taryn
    Taryn as a toddler with her mother Cathy

    I thought about it. Even though Mike never asked about me and my brother once after he deserted us, or cared if we were okay, the fact that he was gone made no difference in our lives because he was never there for us as kids.

    He was not there for our birthdays.

    He was not there on holidays.

    He never called.

    He almost never even wrote.

    If we happened to be in the same place of work at Golden Era Productions where I work and live, I would not know it and never heard from him.

    He was not there when we needed him as a father.

    Honest to god, he would be eating his dinner on the other side of the dining room from me and not even come to see me, tell me he was there or talk to me. This is after I had not seen or heard from him in months and months.

    I believe when a father loves and wants to see his children, he will make that happen.

    My father, Mike Rinder, never did.

    That was before he deserted us.

    Since he left us in 2007, he has done nothing but try to destroy our lives and all we do and believe in. It has been his sole endeavor. He has viciously attempted to stop our religion from doing good in the society. He involved himself, personally, in estranging other individuals from the Church. He has incited others to protest in person at my home. He has incited reporters to lie about my friends and colleagues.

    In 2008 my brother was diagnosed with cancer. No word from our father. No attempt to even make sure he was okay. Then he showed up with a bully and some guy with a camera pretending that he cared about my brother. In fact, he did not even ask to see Benjamin.

    My brother did not want to see him. Not after all that he had done to us, and then this insincere “gesture” which was a charade for the cameras.

    I was duped as a child. I thought my father must love me, but he never did. Don’t let him do the same to you.