• Rinder Betrayed Everything his Mother Worked to Achieve

    Sheila MacDonald

    I lived in Victoria, Australia, in the 1960s, during the time that openly practicing Scientology was prohibited by a repressive law. I know what it is like to experience the threat of possibly being sent to jail for using Scientology to help others. I know too the feeling that we all experienced when we could finally practice our religion freely. Mike Rinder’s family lived through that same experience, which makes his attacks against Scientology and his family all the more despicable. He betrays all that we worked to achieve, as discussed here:

    The story of his family in Australia is especially ironic, inasmuch as many years ago what amounted to a Mike Rinder “prototype” precipitated a short-lived prejudicial and unconstitutional ban on practicing Scientology in the Australian state of Victoria. Accordingly, the Rinder family lore includes many a story of secreting L. Ron Hubbard books beneath floorboards lest authorities raid the home, and the family triumphantly fighting to overturn the illegal ban.

    “Michael, you are destroying everything that I am and I have been trying to achieve for the personal freedom for all family members since 1961.”

    Even more to the point, a Policy Letter by L. Ron Hubbard enumerating suppressive acts against Scientology and Scientologists was originally issued in the wake of that ban. And, indeed, that Policy Letter cites the very same acts Mike Rinder is perpetrating today, including:

    “Being at the hire of anti-Scientology groups or persons.”

    “Receiving money, favors or encouragement to suppress Scientology or Scientologists.”

    And, “Seeking to splinter off an area of Scientology and deny it to properly constituted authority for personal profit, personal power or ‘to save the organization from the higher officers of Scientology.’”

    It was certainly not for nothing, then, that 79-year-old Barbara Rinder penned this to her son Mike in a painstaking hand that betrays her age and maternal wisdom:

    “Michael, you are destroying everything that I am and I have been trying to achieve for the personal freedom for all family members since 1961. I need a promise from you to desist from these actions.

    “It is important for me to know that this situation is handled promptly, because there is not a lot of mileage left in this body. I feel I must get it totally understood that I will not tolerate your enemy actions, and I must insist you stop.”

    Beyond that, the letter contains nothing even vaguely antagonizing and closes with a simple “Your mother, Barbara.”

    Rinder never bothered to respond.

    For all intents and purposes, however, he has indeed betrayed everything his mother is and all she worked to achieve.