• Andrew Rinder

    Brother of Mike Rinder

    Andrew Rinder, a native of Melbourne, Australia, says he and his brother were so different, they grew apart quickly. Mike Rinder’s claim that his family doesn’t want to have dialogue with him is a joke, Andrew says, because “the truth is that he doesn’t want to have any dialogue with us except for a sensationalist idea or viewpoint.” Andrew says “Mike today is just a parasite, living off his past so-called experience.”


    You know, we were so opposites in personality, beingness and intention, we grew apart very quickly. Fortunately I grew bigger than him even though I'm younger than him and that was about the only protection I had. It's interesting that at the age of about 10 months old he tried to kill me with stuffing bread down my throat so I choked. But I just couldn't ever get to actually like him. That’s sad but true.

    Mike—his intention was what was good for Mike. That’s not the viewpoint of a Scientologist at all. The subject of Scientology is about the willingness to serve and help others. And really even now he’s just a parasite to the subject and I don't think he ever, ever duplicated or got the idea of what Scientology really is. His only claim to fame is that he was a part of it. But was he ever really a part of it? No. He served, but he was never really an understanding person. So you know, from day one he never got it.

    The fact that he claims that we don’t want to have any dialogue with him is a joke, because the truth is he doesn’t want to have any dialogue with us except for a sensationalist idea or viewpoint. He has no interest in us whatsoever, and the truth is I don’t have an interest in him either. Never have done.

    He did say he would be willing to talk to me. But it was so ridiculously insincere it was amazing. His idea was that he could “turn” me. Turn me to what? Turn me from what? Come on, what is this, some alien movie or something? So yes, he did try and drive away. Yes, he just about cracked my finger. And he definitely damaged Cathy's shoulder which is a permanent situation. It was not pleasant. I went to see if I could help him, but he is beyond help.

    I would never want to talk to him, because my life as a Scientologist is what I do. His is the total opposite. He is denigrating everything I do, my family does, my children, our future. It’s like well, thanks very much but no thanks.

    He’s a parasite. Mike today is just a parasite, living off his past so-called experience. That’s all he is. He doesn't create or do anything of decency. He has no kindness. There’s not an inch of kindness in that body.

    I look at Mike and I actually—I don't even have any pity anymore, because he continues. So to me he is just a lost loser and I don’t see any idea of how his life will continue to be, unless he can be a so-called expert. There is nothing else he has.

    I can’t even work out what it is that he’s claiming to be an expert on. “All right, you think you know about Scientology. Well if you do, what are you doing to help?” All he is doing is destruction and living off a hate or a fear or an inferiority within himself. There is no constructive decency in what he’s doing at all.