• Liz King

    Mother of Christie Rinder


    My name is Liz King and I’m the mother of Christie—Christie Collbran Rinder, who I don’t even know anymore, who is a stranger, a complete stranger to me.

    She’s totally nuts, she’s not the girl I raised, she’s not the daughter that I knew. She’s a completely different person. She’s just not Christie, to me. She’s not Christie. And she chose to be that way, so she can’t cry, she can’t cry about losing her family. She turned her back on us, she turned her back on us and all of her friends.  

    Christie pretends in her statements that she’s not responsible for what’s occurred. But she has actually insulted me in the press and said degrading things about me in the press because I am a Scientologist. And her actions are insulting to my way of life. So it seems to me what she’s doing is she’s pretending that she’s being mistreated, but she’s the one who has orchestrated all of this and made it happen.  

    All the things she says and all the things she does are all pretend and calculated to further her cause. She’s trying to further her cause. And she’s using me, she’s using me and her family to do that, which to me is really low, incredibly low.  

    She absolutely knows that she’s hurting me. She knows that she’s hurting me, she knows that she’s hurting her family,. she knows that she’s hurting her friends who she’s abandoned, all of her friends. She knows that, but she just keeps going.