• Mike Rinder
    A Compulsive Misogynist?


    I presume that most people checking in on this site will have seen the video footage and the posts and sworn testimony of Mike Rinder viciously attacking and injuring his former wife. Don’t make the mistake of assuming this was a one-time occurrence. I have personally observed that Mike Rinder has the unmistakable traits of a compulsive misogynist. I have seen him put this hate against females into action.

    I have personally observed that Mike Rinder has the unmistakable traits of a compulsive misogynist.

    This is about assault and battery against a female subordinate. I was in an office next door to his when he assaulted this lady who was one of the female executives who had to report to him. I became aware of this when I heard what can only be called a one-way communication. It was Rinder getting louder and louder and finally screaming at the lady with all the strength of voice he could muster. It all went really fast. First the screaming, then a loud “boom.”

    When I jumped up to see what was going on, I saw that Rinder had come out of his chair, had come around his desk and was physically assaulting the woman. He had shoved her up against a wall and held her pinned against it. He was squeezing her upper arms with all his might and was shaking her so violently that her long hair was flying all over the place. She was shrieking, obviously hurting and being injured by this battery. At the same time, Rinder’s face was maybe a quarter-inch away from hers, and he was shouting at the top of his lungs. As she was turning her head from left to right to avoid the spittle flying off his lips, he was following with his head as if glued to her.

    There are two entrances to the office he occupied, so that when I came in through one door, another person came rushing in through the other. When he saw witnesses approaching, Rinder let go of the woman and returned to his chair. She was crying hysterically, shaking because of shock and upset, and as soon as Rinder sat down she fled from his office.

    Rinder showed no remorse. He just shrugged in the “What’s her problem?” style.

    Rinder showed no remorse. He just shrugged in the “What’s her problem?” style. He offered up a couple of lame “explanations” that were designed to shift the blame to his victim. You know, the “She made me do it” excuse, not unlike what often happens in rape cases. In this case, Rinder lucked out; he escaped an assault/battery prosecution because the woman held back and did not bring charges against him. It is another example of the actions of a man whose first love, if not his only love, is himself.

      — F.C., a former colleague who chooses to remain anonymous.