• Mike Rinder
    Had no emotion at the death
    of our second daughter

    Cathy Rinder
    Mike Rinder in 2016

    In 1982 our second daughter passed away from kidney failure. I was extremely upset and a complete wreck. Mike acted demeaning toward me and as if I was weird for being so upset. He did not shed a tear and had no emotion about the entire matter. I had taken photos of our infant daughter, which were very important to me. I wanted to have a keepsake of my memories with this precious baby. After the funeral I asked Mike to pick up the photos from the developer. Mike returned from the store and said he didn’t get the photos as they “all turned out black” so he threw them away. He told me “it’s better for you not to have the photos.” I have taken photos all my life and never once have produced a black photo. I realized when Mike said this that he threw them away on purpose so I couldn’t have them. I told him I would never forgive him for getting rid of my photos and he laughed and said I shouldn’t be so emotional. That about explains the character of Mike Rinder.