• Mike Rinder had no regard
    for the feelings of another

    Marcy McShane

    At one point, Mike Rinder and I had gone out of town on a work trip. On returning, I had one bag of Mike’s that I hadn’t had time to put away for him before getting back to work and it was still in my apartment. My apartment got broken into that very day and one of the things stolen was a pair of Mike’s shoes. They were Italian leather shoes. I was pretty upset about the break-in and the things that were stolen. When I told Mike what occurred and that his shoes were taken, he was very angry, spewed a number of expletives including calling me a c_nt for not putting his things away and told me I had to give him $100 to pay for his shoes. He had no regard for my feelings or my loss in the break-in, put aside the terror at the fact that my apartment had been broken into.