• Mike Rinder
    is a sexist

    Elizabeth Ingber

    I have known Mike Rinder since he was a teenager and we were both young. Later Mike Rinder and I shared an office so I spent many years knowing him. Mike Rinder is a sexist. At first I thought Mike’s snide remarks and bad jokes about girls was just a teenage boy being stupid and trying to be witty. However, Mike carried this attitude into adulthood, constantly making demeaning jokes and wise cracks about women at their expense. Mike showed no respect for women. It got unbearable as Mike made very snide sexist remarks to my assistant and she broke down in tears. I then went to my superior to report the matter and get Mike disciplined for his bullying, which occurred. Mike was removed out of our office which was a relief to both my assistant and me, as we hated working in the same office as him.