• Mike Rinder:
    No care for others or their feelings

    Claire Edwards
    Mike Rinder in 2011

    Mike Rinder was the best man at my wedding in 1997. Reason being is that he grew up with my husband in Adelaide in the early 70’s. Years after my wedding, I would see Mike and run into him and I was stunned that he was so cold. Never interested, never asked me how I was doing, never anything.

    He was just a very, very cold person—that is Mike Rinder. I had no idea why he would not greet me or be more friendly, and so forth, but that is just Mike. He is a cold man, with no care for others or their feelings. That is my personal experience and also what I got from speaking with Mike Rinder’s only daughter.

    He is a cold man, with no care for others or their feelings.