• Mike Rinder
    Sleep Addiction: Addendum


    It has been said that Mike Rinder was often caught sound asleep at his desk in the middle of the day. But these were not the only times he was snoozing instead of working. I had occasion to observe this when working on the big events that the Church puts on several times a year to keep its worldwide membership informed of Scientology progress and activities.

    These are exciting, large-scale multimedia productions, and the amount of detail that goes into such an event requires that people work with concentration and that they move fast. It is exciting work and the team spirit is tremendous.

    He would rather sleep than mend his wayward ways.

    One person, however, found it very hard to get into the spirit of things. You guessed it: Mike Rinder. Unlike the other members of the team, who were experiencing adrenaline rushes and going at a hundred miles per hour, Rinder saw no need for speed. Yes, he would show up for rehearsals, but instead of working, he took advantage of the semi-darkness of the event hall to catch up on sleep.

    He had a well-practiced trick of propping up his head with his left arm and locking it into place with his hand so that it would remain upright even when asleep. In this manner he made it seem as if he was deeply immersed in a script or studying a speech. And with people being thoroughly focused on their job, they didn’t have time to pay him any attention. This is why he got away with it—most of the time.

    Every so often an unsuspecting camera operator would practice panning across the hall and zooming in on audience members… and stop dead on the inanimate body of Mike Rinder. Very embarrassing! Not for Mike Rinder. He was remorseless. Everyone else would be mortified; he just shrugged it off. At the next event he would do the same thing again. Over and over and over. He was given many chances. Too many chances. He would rather sleep than mend his wayward ways.