• Mike Rinder: The abusive father
    What it was like growing up as Mike Rinder’s daughter

    Taryn Teutsch
    Mike Rinder didn’t care

    Child abuse takes many forms. It can be violence, neglect or years of abusive comments from a loveless parent who believes his children can do nothing right. That’s Mike Rinder. He’s a cold-hearted man, especially to his own children. I have stories and, though some seem small, as a child they had a profound effect on me. It showed me from an early age his lack of care, attention and love.

    Mike Rinder didn’t care when I was hit by a car

    When I was 8 years old I was hit by a car that nearly killed me. I spent many weeks in the hospital and many more months recovering. I could not go back to school for a year due to my serious injuries. I cannot remember ever seeing my dad during this time. My mom stayed with me night and day until I was better. I would wake up in the night screaming and my mom was there. My father, Mike Rinder, was never there. He didn’t care.