• A Warning to Those Connected with Mike Rinder
    by Cathy Rinder

    Cathy Rinder

    An analysis of Mike Rinder: In retrospect of the last four decades and Mike’s despicable actions now, I realized that the Mike Rinder today is actually how Mike always has been. I may have been blind to it when it was all happening, but I, of anyone, know Mike’s modus operandi:

    1. Come off to others as sincere when he believes he can get something from them for nothing—those things that forward Mike’s own idea of survival without producing a thing.
    2. Flatter as much as possible to convince others that there is no one more competent or knowledgeable than Mike Rinder—even if that means lying—to position himself securely.
    3. Figure out everything he could possibly get out of the person that is to his advantage. Of course, this means getting it without doing any work.
    4. Use the fact that the façade Mike always put out: that he is on-purpose, hard-working and loyal—to then go about obtaining everything Mike wants from the unsuspecting individuals.
    5. Take down anyone around him who starts to get onto his actual intentions. Viciously attack and make nothing of anyone who catches on and shred them into mincemeat, overtly and covertly, by spreading lies about them, demeaning them and by whatever form introverting them at any cost.
    6. Then hide behind men of goodwill that are actually doing the work, irrespective of the consequences to them.
    7. When no one is looking, snicker with delight when those around you cave in, get ill, fail in life or simply start getting into trouble. That just proves in his perverted mind how much better he thinks he is than anyone else.
    8. Purposefully PR himself, at any opportunity, as to what a family man he is and then use his family to his utmost advantage, including taking any time he had to be with them to get 40 more winks or play his own games. Justify this by claiming: “I work so hard.”
    9. When Mike realizes someone has actually figured him out, they are now his enemy and must be attacked. Twist everything to suit himself and you end up with a Mike Rinder who never loved anyone in his entire life, not even his own mother, and had no qualms about physically attacking his wife and causing permanent damage while professing to be “saving her.” Then deny the whole thing despite physical evidence, by doing 1 through 8 above.

    The innocent and unsuspecting people around you deserve to know the whole truth and nothing but the truth.