• Mike Rinder’s
    Potential for Destruction

    Sheila MacDonald

    Mike Rinder is easily the most evil person I have ever met. He never missed an opportunity to make other people feel small and useless, and he did this with great skill. He must truly hate people. This article tells it like it is:

    “I am afraid of my potential for destruction.”—Mike Rinder

    And so he should have been afraid. For so intense and vicious is Rinder’s hatred for anyone associated with Scientology that it ultimately destroyed every meaningful relationship he ever had…beginning with the family he abandoned for the fact they remain Scientologists.

    Here’s the unvarnished story on that most unforgiving and reprehensible aspect of Rinder’s hate-driven character, with a few pointed highlights for starters:

    • Once a spokesperson for the Church (before he was removed for incompetence and mega-misconduct), now obsessively lying to the media about the religion he previously defended, Rinder has no regard for the feelings of the longtime Scientologists within his family. To be sure, Rinder couldn’t care less about any—and all—members of his family.
    • Along with fellow Scientology-haters, attempts to wreak havoc wherever he goes with video camera and recording devices, all under the pretense of “documenting” that he cares about his family.
    • Cut all contact with his elderly mother in Australia, despite repeated letters from her, and just as ruthlessly cut contact with his brother and sister.
    • Abandoned his wife of more than 30 years and their two children.

    You can read the whole story here.