• My Experiences with a Sociopath Mike Rinder

    Kathy O’Gorman

    I was outraged to see Mike Rinder given a forum on a TV show, however small its audience might be. I'm writing this from firsthand knowledge, having worked with him for a long period.

    To say he is dishonest is a gross understatement. He has an ability to lie with a straight face and to be clever and convincing enough to be believed. It is painful to see that he has been given a platform.

    In an age where any form of bullying or any type of violence against women can rightfully grab national condemnation, he should be known as a violent bully who abuses women.

    I am one of them, suffering a broken tooth as a result of his violence. That incident occurred, unfortunately, without witnesses. But secretive violence is what one would expect from someone adept at concealing his misconduct and covering his tracks.

    With no provocation, one morning he went into a psychotic rage and smashed a clipboard into the side of my head. The impact was so forceful that, as mentioned, he broke a tooth. I was in shock.

    With no provocation, one morning he went into a psychotic rage and smashed a clipboard into the side of my head.

    He towered over me by nearly a foot, outweighed me by many pounds, and was substantially younger.

    In all my life, this was the only time anyone committed an act of violence against me.

    The network that now promotes him has featured programming that condemns bullying. When juxtaposed with his violent acts, this is utter hypocrisy.

    I know now that I am not the only female he brutalized. At least three others, including his wife of many years, have come forward and documented his violent abuse.

    Since it is already known that he has hurt multiple women through physical violence, how many more might there be?