• Robert Almblad’s Interference Man Mike Rinder

    Robert Almblad’s “public relations” executive has been keeping a very low profile lately.

    Mike Rinder

    The usually verbose - and gaffe prone - Mike Rinder has done little for his boss other than getting one article promoting his so-called “safe” ice machine into a provincial newspaper. And that was more than a year ago.

    Since then Rinder, who has a penchant for sticking his foot in his mouth, has done little in his role - other than carry his boss' and his girlfriend’s luggage.

    And now, with the “contact” names suddenly gone missing from the Almblad business web site, sources say that Rinder’s job may go MIA any time now.

    That’s because a large part of Rinder’s duties was to run interference for Almblad and paramour Susan Clickner.

    But, the amateurish and abrasive Australian has done little over the last few months to deflect attention that his boss doesn't want - from angry investors who Almblad has defrauded to an investigative reporter crafting a story about his shady schemes.

    Plus, Rinder might have sealed his own fate with Almblad at a recent Miami Beach trade show.

    It was at that event that Rinder showed Almblad what a liability he could be.

    Instead of manning his post and fielding inquiries at the company exhibit, Rinder made a spectacle of himself when he physically attacked a convention visitor.

    Rinder’s victim had to be rescued by a nearby firefighter.

    It appears to be finally dawning on Almblad that he might just be better off without - than with - Mike Rinder.