A Biography

Mike Rinder

Mike Rinder: An erstwhile external affairs officer for the Church of Scientology removed from post for gross malfeasance. Rinder walked away from his Church, his wife and two children. When Rinder’s wife, daughter and brother, who flew in from Australia, went to see him, Rinder’s “welcome” was an attack that left his brother injured and the mother of his children in the care of paramedics. She sustained nerve damage to her arm still healing almost a year later and a dislocated shoulder requiring surgery to repair.

Then, to show he’s a real family man, he went on a paid anti-Scientology media junket to Australia and tricked his way into his elderly mother’s retirement home while she was away on vacation. He rifled through her belongings, snapping photos as trophies.

And with that he chalked up another abuse for his résumé, as the senior Mrs. Rinder is a founding member of Scientology in Australia going back five decades and wants nothing to do with her estranged son, owing to his vicious attacks on the Church she helped establish in Australia.

Rinder can now be seen in online videos fishing with his “best good buddy” Marty Rathbun—the man who almost killed him with his bare hands. When asked about the violent incident by a reporter and if it was in fact true Rathbun had nearly choked Rinder to death requiring five grown men to pull Rathbun off him, Rinder’s response was, in all seriousness, “I think it was four guys, not five.”

Yet it was later discovered that this was not Rinder and Rathbun’s only collaboration. That is, they had both conspired for years to hide from the Church’s ecclesiastical leader their roles in the conspiracy to conceal Rathbun and DeVocht’s suborning of perjury and obstruction of justice. (See A Liar is a Coward; A Perjurer is a Criminal)