Rinder’s Oddball Stay-at-Home Bigot

A Mike Rinder devotee and “protector,” unbalanced Stefani Hutchison carries out his bidding as a “stay-at-home” antireligious bigot

Stefani Hutchison aka @UltioetVeritas works hard to impress Mike Rinder.
Stefani Hutchison aka @UltioetVeritas works hard to impress Mike Rinder.

Stefani Hutchison is the consummate bigot—ignorant, arrogant and living in an insular world of rumor and invented invective, consumed with attacking Scientology.

This is an oddity itself, since Hutchison never had direct contact with the subject previously.

Hutchison was never a Scientologist. A stay-at-home housewife, the 54-year-old lives in West End, North Carolina, population 8,395. She had never so much as met a Scientologist and certainly had never visited a Church of Scientology.

Until the winter of late 2016, she had expressed no opinion about Scientology one way or the other. That all changed when she began watching Leah Remini’s Aftermath show on A&E.

A self-admitted fan of trashy A&E reality shows like Live PD and The First 48, Hutchison became immersed in the now-cancelled Aftermath which spread sensationalized disinformation and lies about Scientology.

Electrified by Remini’s and Rinder’s staged presentations of faux-reality stories on the show, Hutchison apparently bought it all, hook, line and sinker.

As Aftermath producer Aaron Saidman would brag years later, “We may not have known a lot about Scientology, but we did know how to make entertaining television.”

For Hutchison, that entertaining deception became her new reality—as a rabid anti-Scientologist. And by January 2017, she was turning out anti-Scientology tweets, parroting her TV idols. A follower of Rinder’s blog, she reached out to him and he responded. “And I sat there and looked at the computer like—Mike Rinder answered me,” Hutchison gushed. Buoyed by his encouragement, she was off and running.

The unstable Hutchison had found a new lease on life, a wrongheaded and vicious one—attacking religion and spreading malicious hatespeech about people she has never met. And she is now associated with a squad of like-minded haters—anti-Scientology wackos like Aaron Smith-Levin and Tony Ortega.

And of course, Mike Rinder, her original mentor, who in his Svengali way manipulated her and set her on this disastrous course.