Surgeon Confirms Cathy’s Permanent Disability from Mike Rinder Attack

Dr. Bell, MD, PhD and orthopedic surgeon, treated Cathy for extensive injuries to her arm and shoulder by her husband, Mike Rinder.


Well, Cathy came to me, gosh, it’s now years ago, and she had sustained injury to her shoulder. She had also had an injury on her forearm.

She had a significant amount of pain, had a scar on her forearm which was healing and that was doing okay. But most of her problem involved her shoulder, which was extremely painful. She had very poor motion, had a lot of pain, and it—was not moving it well at all.

You know, we measure pain levels in a scale from 0 to 10. And Cathy at that point was coming in with a pain level of nine—nine to ten—with any use of that shoulder.

So in, in Cathy’s instances we did take her to surgery. She had not progressed significantly with physical therapy after a period of time and so we did take her to surgery. We manipulated the shoulder so that we could regain that motion. And in that, it is sort of an aggressive type approach. We’re manipulating it. We’re breaking up the scar tissue.

And then further extensive physical therapy. But she still continues to have problems with this shoulder. She does not have full range of motion. She still has pain and discomfort, which is constant. It can be somewhat controlled with medications but is something that is probably, at this point, it’s a permanent disability that will always be there with her. And it’s difficult to predict whether or not it’ll eventually resolve or will always be there.