Christie Rinder’s Father Tells of Her Rejection, Abuse of Parents

Mike Rinder’s then girlfriend verbally attacked her mother and publicly humiliated both her parents—behavior her father had never before seen or believed possible.


Christie made the decision to leave us if we didn't do what she wanted. But, you know, after all this time and all she’s said and all she’s done, it’s like, she’s not a loving daughter.

Christie calls and talks to Liz [mother] and Christie starts sort of yelling and screaming at Liz, saying that she’s a dupe. And that she’s just been fooled and this—and that Christie has the straight data. And she’s being vicious. Just being—I mean, neither Liz nor I had ever, ever, ever seen the viciousness that was displayed at this moment—ever, never, I’d never seen it. And it was like, “Wow, here she is doing that.” And, I mean, I thought it was horrible.

And I can remember telling my other children about it and they went, “She did that to Mom? She treated Mom like that?” Nobody could believe it. It would be like, “You’re lying.” I said, “No, I’m not lying. That’s what she did.” It was so unbelievably, horribly disgusting.

What daughter treats a mom like that? Geez, it’s hard to even find one in literature. You know, it’s hard to find one in history. It’s like nuts. People that are nuts, people that are wallowing around in the mire, that have lost their way and don’t have anything better to do than sort of strike out and lash out.

And I mean you lash out at the person who loved you the most. In the whole wide world, the person who loved her the most was her mom, clearly without a—and here she is lashing out at her, publicly trying to humiliate her, just treating her like—horrible. And so, yeah, a person who could do that, oh my goodness, that’s as low as it gets, isn’t it? That’s just terrible.

For her to go on TV and denounce me and especially my wife was unthinkable. And we cared for her. We loved her. We were willing to do anything for her, but she says that we broke with her. Nah, we didn’t break with her. She wanted me to do something really, really stupid and it wasn’t going to happen. It wasn’t going to happen at all. She broke with me.