Former Colleague Recollects Mike Rinder’s Abuse of Staff Members

Edward, a Church staff member, recollects Mike Rinder’s abuse of others on the job, including traumatizing an elderly woman, and the way he would take credit for the work of his co-workers.


My recollections about Mike Rinder on a personal level and seeing it with other people is he would just rip other people apart.

I remember one—there’s a fairly elderly staff member that we have here, and he came up to her one afternoon and just, “You liar! You disgusting, despicable liar!” And just out of the blue, and other people are sitting there going, “What the—what just happened?!” And this lady—elderly lady was meek and didn’t really know what to say to—but it was just—Rinder had no care for the other person to whom he was communicating. He would throw papers, he would jam his fist into somebody’s chest. He would work his way to such a degree that he would just belittle any individual to whom he was venting his anger at.

But more than that, he would take credit for others’ work. In other words, you know, I would win a number of things and others in our organization would win a number of things, then he would take credit for them, and live on those laurels. But he didn’t actually do anything about it.