Church Staff Member Recalls Mike Rinder’s Threat to a Colleague

A Church staff member recalls Mike Rinder threatening to poke a colleague in the eye with a pencil as he worked. “It was just completely unbelievable.”


Mike Rinder was very violently oriented. I have seen him screaming at people, yelling at people. He would try to put people in fear.

I remember one time Mike Rinder came over to Richard Wieland. We were sitting there at a table working on ads. And Mike Rinder walked over to Richard Wieland and he had a pencil in his hand. And he says, “You do this one more time and I’m going to stab you in the eyeball.” And he had it right close to Richard’s eye, like this. And it was just completely unbelievable—like the violence—the intention was so violent that I’ve never seen any staff member do something like that.