Ken Long | Former Colleague of Mike Rinder

Ken Long , who worked with Mike Rinder for years, describes him as “one of the most dishonest people I have ever met.” If there was something Rinder didn’t like, rather than stating exactly what was wrong, “you got chopped up. He was not somebody that you wanted to trust.


Mike Rinder is one of the most dishonest people I have ever met. I can’t think with somebody who would betray their family, their friends, the people who trusted them, the way he did. I mean no matter what problems I might think I ever had with somebody, to turn around and intentionally and knowingly betray the people that I lived, loved and trusted for so many years, the way he’s done, it’s beyond my belief. I don’t know how the hell he lives with himself.

If you did something that he didn’t think was good enough or didn’t like, rather than telling you exactly what was wrong or working with you, you got chopped up. He was not somebody that you wanted to trust.

I remember a practical joke he played on another one of our staff members that caused them to think they had caused some sort of terrible problem. And they were all in tears and crying and everybody had to then come in and calm them down. So there was an aspect there of upsetting people.

There was also always a caution there of this is somebody you have to kind of keep your eyes open for to make sure that something isn’t going to happen, whether it be physical or some sort of verbal attack or whatever. Because there were other times when I can recall being called up into his office a few times on one situation or another and he wouldn’t be happy with the way I was handling it, would ask questions about it and the next thing I know would be chewing me out. But it wouldn’t be “Ok, here’s what you did wrong, here’s what you should be doing.” It was more like, “You’re a stupid idiot, why the heck are you doing—why haven’t you handled this.”