Mark Rathbun on Mike Rinder as a Losing “Ambulance Chaser”

Mark Rathbun reveals Mike Rinder’s role as “ambulance chaser” for anti-Scientology lawyers—drumming up ill-fated litigation while banking $175 per hour.


So, Mike Rinder has been the chief capper for anti-Scientology lawyers, the guy who goes out—the ambulance chaser—who goes out and finds somebody and dresses up something and brings it back to a PI [Personal Injury] lawyer and gets his thing. And it’s a great gig.

Of course, he’s laughing all the way to the bank because he’s making 175 bucks an hour for being a capper ambulance chaser who goes and finds—drums people up to bring litigation, encourages them, brings them to PI lawyers, okay.

And the only reason I mention that is that, you know, the people that he has suckered into bringing lawsuits have wound up having their heads handed to them and created precedents protecting Scientology and destroying the “rights to recover” that he was promoting as something they were deserving of, right?

And he’s laughing all the way to the bank and the ASC [Anti-Scientology Cult] doesn’t know—because they—you know, how well compensated he is in this whole litigation scam because Backpage [] Tony [Ortega] reports on the hearing where Rinder’s cross-examined on his compensation, and Backpage Tony says, “And, believe me, it’s not much.” Right.

Months later the transcript somehow wound up with me, and what Backpage Tony failed to report was he [Rinder] gets $175 an hour for creating those results for these people.

Okay, and of course at the end of the last season making a big production about how he was going to this big white-shoe firm in New York to go take down Scientology, right. Right. And he went through that exercise and charade with me eight years earlier, right, and he’s the guy here that’s telling you—now he’s telling you, now that he’s got paid for all that, “Don’t want to engage in this lightly.”