Where the Money Is: Mark Rathbun on Mike Rinder’s Paid Narrative

Mark Rathbun speaks of his relationship with Mike Rinder and the financial interest that influences Rinder’s story at any given time.


That’s the Mike Rinder I know. He gloms onto people. He’s like a mirror. He’s like he doesn’t exist as an independent entity. He gloms on and feeds back to you and just gives you positive feedback.

He’s the classic passive-aggressive, like you can go look up passive-aggressive in Wikipedia or Psychology Today or anywhere else and look at the definition—the guy fits it to a T.

He—you know, it states right in there—speaks very diplomatically, appears very cooperative, right, but all the while is busily, quietly and passively stabbing you in the back, okay. And that’s Mike Rinder, right. And he gets a—he’s a professional to go along to get along or get along to go along, right, and so that’s what he does. He did it in the Church, he did it with me, he did it with all the five sugar daddies he got that have financed him since he got out of the Church, and he’s doing it with Leah Remini.

So, no matter what she says—and that’s what this whole series [Scientology and the Aftermath] is degenerating into—he’s saying less and less, she’s saying more and more, yet he’s the consultant, you know, insider who’s supposed to have all the firsthand data. She’s saying more and more and he’s just saying, “Uh-huh, yeah.” He’s like the bobbing-head doll. “Uh-huh, Leah. Yeah. Uh-huh. Yeah. Right, I hundred percent agree with you.” Right—because that’s what Mike Rinder does. Okay, and so my point is, is that, you know, even if this is affected, all of these positive things he’s saying about Scientology, many years after he’s left, right, the one fact remains: he is an inveterate liar.

The truth aligns depending upon from where his bread is being buttered. Okay. The sugar daddies were paying for access to me through Mike, right. And they were paying for axes that they wanted to grind with Scientology. So you could just analyze all of his statements from 2009—2007 when he left Scientology to the present (he’s been out for 10 years, almost 11) and you will see, I could show you the financial interests that led to, to the truth he was espousing at the time. And that is most blatantly true on the Leah Remini show where this guy’s making ungodly sums of money by simply being her Winchell Mahoney, you know, being her ventriloquist dummy that validates and gives her positive feedback on the stuff she invents.