• Mike Rinder


    Letter from Cathy Bernardini to Deadline Hollywood

    “I was in disbelief and shock that you are actively promoting outright false propaganda from Mike Rinder, my former husband, regarding my children and our religious beliefs and lives.”

    Letter from Stephanie Rinder to Deadline Hollywood

    “I am outraged that [Mike Rinder] is being presented as some paragon of moral values, since in my personal experience, he was anything but. I am one of his nieces. While I cannot speak from any vast personal knowledge of Mike, I have seen what his cruelty has done to members of his own family.”

    Letter from Taryn Teutsch to Deadline Hollywood

    “I am Mike Rinder’s daughter. I am mortified to see you publicly supporting him… I have seen him emotionally and physically abuse too many people, including my own mother in front of my eyes.”

    Letter from CSI to Weresow of 9 September 2016 re Mike Rinder

    The Church of Scientology International informed A+E that by hiring Mike Rinder for their reality show, they were providing a platform to a vicious wife beater who makes a living peddling hate.

    Letter from Adler to Weresow of 2 September 2016 re Request to interview Catherine Bernardini

    Ms. Catherine Bernardini and her children (Taryn Kelly Teutsch and Benjamin Rinder) informed A+E that by hiring Mike Rinder they were supporting an abusive father and husband who abandoned his son who was faced with life-threatening cancer. A+E has ignored this family’s right to privacy and right to uphold truth.